"Grigor" Ileai Aliquam

Someone saved my life in the battlefield. I owe them a great debt and will never leave a friend behind.


Fighter 1, Sorcerer 1
True Neutral

HP 17
Initiative +4
Speed 30 Feet
Hit Dice 1d10 1d6
Armor Class 17
Proficiency +2


  • Rapier
  • Shortsword
  • Longbow
  • Light crossbow
Ability Score Modifier Save
STR 15 +2 +4
INT 10 0 0
DEX 10 +4 +4
WIS 13 +1 +1
CON 13 +3 +3
CHA 15 +2 +2
Ability Checks Modifier
Athletics +4
Acrobatics +4
Sleight of Hand +4
Stealth +4
Arcana 0
History 0
Investigation 0
Nature 0
Religion 0
Animal Handling +1
Insight +3
Medicine +3
Perception +1
Survival +3
Deception +2
Intimidation +2
Performance +2
Persuasion +4

Born to a noble family of moderate renown, Ileai and his brother Slathalinar were taught from an early age of their inborn abilities. An ancestor’s relationship with an ancient silver dragon that once resided near their family’s homestead granted the first born child in each generation control of the Draconic magic in their blood. As there had been no twins in their lineage before them it was uncertain how the dragon blood would manifest. To the surprise of the family, both children demonstrated abilities, albeit weaker than prior generations. Tutored by their mother and great grandfather who believed that their gift, though great, was dangerous, the boys learned to harness their magic with Slathalinar taking to it much more quickly than Ileai. Frustrated at his slower progress in the arcane arts, Ileai decided to hone his martial skills to compensate.
When the boys were 14 a wyvern attacked the nearby village of Palinsdale. Though the family had been respected in the village for centuries, a church of Mystra had recently formed and radical devotees of The Lady of Mysteries claimed that the undisciplined sorcery practiced by the Aliquam line was an offense to Her and the village was being punished for allowing it to continue without check. Tensions grew and next fall when Ileai caused a forest fire to break out during their daily practices the villagers raided their estate intent on killing the inhabitants. Their grandfather was struck down immediately and their father soon followed. Their mother the most formidable of the family put up a valiant defense but was overpowered by the mob and beaten near death. Their elders dead or dying, the boys locked themselves in a room and looked for an escape. Slathalinar told Ileai he would defend him with his stronger magic while he ran but his meager skills did little to deter their assailants and the two were captured and brought out to the rest of the men who were preparing to burn down the manor. The leader of the riot took Slathalinar and plunged a knife into his chest shouting praises of Mystra. In the same moment Ileai felt a surge of magic within him and disappeared from the physical world to the shock of the villagers. Eager to expunge every trace of the Aliquams, the men burned the bodies of the dead and ignited the home with the barely living matriarch inside. Ileai had unintentionally transported himself to the ethereal plane and watched the proceedings in horror. The murderers left to seek Ileai who they believed had teleported himself and soon after they had gone the bloodied form of his mother emerged from the burning wreckage. She pulled Ileai back into the physical world and the two absconded to Aahmarin a nearby city where they might hide themselves.
Ileai was horrified at the carnage his magic had caused and vowed to never use his magic again, against his mother’s pleas. Taking on the name Grigor after his ruined homestead Grigorakos, Ileai found work as an apprentice to a carpenter which occupied the next several years of his life and provided him enough coin to care for his crippled mother. When he was 17 years of age he was conscripted into the King’s army and reached the rank of [Up to Lucas] in his 4 years of service. The first time he saw combat during his service he and his comrades were ambushed in the night. Seeing the situation was dire and that none of the men would survive in direct combat Ileai broke his vow to never use his abilities and retaliated with the full force of his magic which he found now came more easily and with greater power and control. Though he saved many of his unit Ileai felt uneasy at having used magic to do so and asked everyone who had been there keep his power a secret. Regardless, finding it difficult to avoid resorting to sorcery in grim circumstances word spread and Ileai was posted on the front lines in hopes of reducing casualties. By the end of his service Ileai was disgusted with war and fought only to protect his friends with each life he took for the sake of a cause he didn’t believe in weighing heavily upon his soul. Once discharged Iliea set out to hone his magic, using it only for matters he believed in and look for greater meaning in the injustices that shaped his life.

"Grigor" Ileai Aliquam

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